PLAST4FUTURE - Injection moulding production technology for multi-functional nano-structured plastic components enabled by Nano Imprint Lithography

Final Plast4Future Meeting in Copenhagen

The final meeting of Plast4Future was held on 2-3 December, hosted by the Technical University of Copenhagen. The concluding results showed the improvement in the plastic surfaces regarding easy-to-clean, colour decoration and anti-fog properties. The successful application of the technology has recently resulted in the first commercial orders for some of the partners.


Workshops had been organized to share this expertise with end-users from the automotive and toy industry. In November, workshops at the Centro Ricerche Fiat in Turin (Italy) and the LEGO Headquarters in Billund (Denmark) gathered more than 80 participants and covered topics such as nanoplasmonic coloration for consumer products, fabrication of nanostructured functional inserts and replication of nano-scale features by injection molding. The demonstrators were exhibited so all of the participants could take a closer look of what has been achieved by Plast4Future.


Inspired by the wings of butterflies, Plast4Future technology works by enhancing the lateral resolution on free-form surfaces down to micro- and nanometer length scales. This is achieved through the development of a complete nanoimprint lithography solution for structuring the free-form surface of injection moulding tools and tool inserts.