PLAST4FUTURE - Injection moulding production technology for multi-functional nano-structured plastic components enabled by Nano Imprint Lithography

Centro Ricerche FIAT S.c.p.A.


Centro Ricerche FIAT (CRF) is an industrial organization which has the mission of promoting, developing and transferring innovation in order to provide competitiveness to its clients and partners which include the different companies in the FIAT Group.


Priority areas of R&D at CRF include Energy and the Environment, Safety and Well-Being, Sustainable Growth and Innovative Materials. In order to cover a relatively broad spectrum of technologies, CRF has developed a global network of contacts comprising national and international research institutes, private and public research organizations, universities and companies through the promotion of common research activities, conferences and seminars, exchanges of researchers, etc.


In 2010 Group Materials Labs (GML) was established with the objective to follow the developments related to materials for the FIAT group. Within GML the Materials Innovation department is active in these future and emerging technologies since ten years with a permanent staff of 50 researchers having a wide-scope expertise on chemistry, physics, material science and engineering, electronics, molecular biology and computer science.