PLAST4FUTURE - Injection moulding production technology for multi-functional nano-structured plastic components enabled by Nano Imprint Lithography

Uddeholm AB


Uddeholms (UAB) is a producer of tool steel. The company was founded about 1670. It has become part of the Böhler-Uddeholm Group, which is owned by the Austrian company voestalpine. Today UAB has 4000 employees all over the world. In Asia, Africa and South America, UAB is represented by ASSAB our wholly owned and exclusive sales channel.


The process routes are designed for the production of tool steel. The main steelmaking processes are ingot casting, remelting as ESR and VAR and powder metallurgy. Hot working is performed in two forging presses and via ingot and bar rolling. The produced bars are heat treated via soft annealing or hardened and tempered, subsequently machined and afterwards quality inspected before delivered to the trade stock.


Tool steels are produced for applications in cold working, hot working, plastic moulding and as high performance engineering components. Our R&D department develops new tool steel products and provide technical information to our sales companies and customers worldwide. The ambition is to be a world class supplier of tool steels within our selected application areas.